About Us

THe Apodaca Family

The Apodaca Family

Jose is from  Santa Rosa NM, and learned to be a line cook at the age of 14 (small town living) eventually he moved to Roswell Nm where he learned to chef and make grow in his love for New Mexico southwest style food. TOnin is from Farmington Minnesota her love for spice grew when she married the Chef! Jose and Toni have Been married for 23 years and we make the food truck a family affair.


Pete and Natalie Martinez

Pete Is from Chimayo Nm and Natalie is from Rochester New York, Two of the most wonderful people you will ever meet! We invited them to our second night at the VFW in Hugo... They were just supposed to have supper well we ended up putting them to work.  A few days later over a few bottles i mean glasses of wine we were Partners. Thank you Pete and Natalie for your love and heart to Give.


And Now!

You have 2 families that have a love for Colorado and New Mexico, and a desire to bring you the best southwest cuisine around! Our salsa and homemade chips can't be beat!  We look forward to seeing you soon!